Sunday, April 17, 2011

No cure

Nobody in this family is big on cleaning, it must be said.  But every so often, we catch the bug.  Maybe it has something to do with spring, at least this time around; usually I vaguely resent spring's arrival because people expect one to get all industrious about sprucing up the place, but when Noel went on a binge this weekend I quite enjoyed his efforts, and even pitched in a little.

The kids are growing older, and their rooms have evolved in fits and starts.  Remnants from their toddlerhood exist haphazardly alongside more recent acquisitions, in their closets, bookshelves and toy cubbies.  After a few hours with them deciding what to toss, give away, and keep, Noel had their rooms looking much less cluttered -- although still not fully updated.  For that, we need some different furnishings and storage options.

I have a modest dream for our room, too.  Years ago when we were first preparing Cady Gray's room, we moved Noel's home office (consisting of a large computer desk) to our bedroom.  Now Noel's home office is the living room when he's watching movies or television, or the front room when he's writing -- wherever his laptop is.  The computer desk in our bedroom is used mostly to store miscellaneous objects and to provide the kids with access to game videos on YouTube.

It's about time to give Archer one of our old computers, using a small desk that used to be my home office that we've already moved to his room.  And then we can get rid of the big home office desk, and I can convert that corner of our bedroom to a place for my yarn and sewing supplies.  It's more copious than the notch by the garage where I'm currently keeping everything, and as an added benefit, that nook will open back up for other kinds of storage or activity.

So much needs to be done around here -- curtains, painting, carpets -- but we get seized by one set of projects and ignore the rest.  Good thing, too, because if we started thinking about all the things that are waiting on our attention, we'd never know how to begin.

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