Thursday, April 14, 2011

MadLibs (tm)

Archer brought home an unusual piece of schoolwork this week.  It was a MadLib that he'd clearly written, but it didn't look like another student had filled in the blanks -- the handwriting was adult.  We asked Archer about it, and what came out (after much questioning) was that he had written the MadLib and then his teacher had let the whole class participate in filling in the blanks, taking their suggestions and writing them on the sheet.

Here's the MadLib Archer wrote, called "Super Mario Bros.", with his notations about the parts of speech, and the blanks filled in with the class's answers.
Attention All Platypuses (Plural Noun)!  A New York City (Noun) called Super Mario Bros. is being puked (Past Tense Verb)!  Princess Meghan (Female Person In Room) is being mowed (Past Tense Verb) by Gray (Male Person In Room)!  Mario must rescue her.  Walk (Verb) with the Z (Letter) Button.  Scream (Verb) with the W (Letter) Button.  Finally, fall (Verb) with the C (Letter) Button!  Mario must swim (Verb) Goombas and Koopas.  If he doesn't, he'll sharpen (Verb) a Lylla (Noun) ... And avoid having Mario shimmy (Verb) all his scorpions (Plural Noun) or it's Game Over for you!  Also, try to juggle (Verb) a top score!  Good Luck! 
P.S. Dance (Verb) your best. 

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