Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Safety first

Day two of the epic severe weather outbreak in Arkansas.  We rode out last night's storms at home, but it was undeniably frightening when multiple tornadoes are passing just to the east and south.  With an even bigger and more dangerous threat tonight, we've decamped to my office for the duration.

A couple of weeks ago, after tornadoes hit Raleigh, North Carolina, I saw a televised report from Shaw University.  Windows had shattered, trees were down, and roofs and outbuildings were damaged.  But the buildings were all standing.  Mike Bettes commented, "University buildings like this are good places to be during a tornado; they're well built to withstand all but the strongest winds."

I took that to heart.  Tonight we are trying to take life-threatening out of the equation by hunkering down in a building that will protect us a lot better than our house.  We can deal with our property bearing the brunt.  And we're lucky to have a shelter like this that we can go to, and the foresight to head there ahead of the storm.  Here's hoping everyone stays safe and the clouds stay up in the sky where they belong.

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