Friday, May 13, 2011

Quick hits

Reposting my old blog site on Tumblr has made me realize that I used to do a lot more short or bullet-point-style entries.  These days I feel like I'm not really writing unless I'm writing a multi-paragraph essay.  It's nice to give myself permission to just touch on a few brief topics instead.

  • At Cady Gray's recital last night, both my kids were delighted -- delighted! -- that an older student performed a song from Super Mario World, the "Air Platform" theme.  I wouldn't have recognized the music from the rather abstract beginning, but once it segued into a rollicking ragtime beat, I caught some familiar notes.  We ended up humming it all the way home.  
  • What's the difference between a subscription and an automatic home delivery service?  I guess a subscription implies some discount off the cover price of a magazine -- that's all I can figure.  Interweave Press publishes a magazine called Knitscene that has been coming out about twice or three times a year on an irregular schedule, and people who like the magazine have been asking about subscriptions for years.  No subscription, but there's a "consumer auto-ship program" you can sign up for (a fee of $0.99 applies, then your credit card is charged each time a new issue is released and it's mailed to you for free).  As one of those Knitscene fans who has to go looking at the local bookstore every time I know a new one has come out, I'm signing up, but I still don't understand why we can't just subscribe to it and be done.
  • Come later this summer, the Craft Wisely class blog will start coming to life as students enrolled in the class for the fall 2011 semester begin posting about their summer crafting and learning.  If you haven't followed that blog or subscribed to the feed in your favorite reader, take a second and do it now, won't you?

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