Saturday, May 21, 2011


In the summer, when the pace is slower, our thoughts turn to problems long set aside.  One of the perennials in our house is storage.  We have a lot of certain things -- a lot of DVDs, a lot of CDs, a lot of yarn, a lot of books, a lot of games.  And we're always ruminating on the best way to get them all put where they belong, where they won't get in the way but will be available when we need them.

And by "a lot," I don't mean what other people might call a lot.  For many of my students, a hundred DVDs is a lot; for most of our friends, 300 or 500 would certainly qualify.  We have thousands, with more being added every day.  In five short years of knitting, I've accumulated hundreds of skeins of yarn.  And despite our best efforts, we are not getting rid of books faster than they are coming in the door.

Several major efforts are underway to reassert our superiority over these things, these media and materials in their multiple units.  New wooden bookcases for the kids -- to supplement and/or replace cheap particleboard ones that they've long since outgrown.  A new three-drawer Cam-Am media cabinet to give us some growing room on top of the four drawers we've long since outgrown.

And for me --at least in my current scheming, to be realized in a month or so -- an Expedit storage wall, with a desk and maybe some other bits and bobs, to become my new craft and sewing area.

I like having places where things belong, even if you couldn't tell it from the way my stuff usually is.  Nothing gives me more satisfaction than a major reorganization project.  I'm hoping this summer will be full of them.

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