Monday, May 2, 2011


Some people clean in the spring.  For us, it's the approach of summer that gets us thinking about making more space for ourselves.

Noel has spent the last couple of weekends sorting through the kids' accumulated toys and books, rearranging, culling, and changing the storage arrangements.  He's been nice enough to take it on by himself, and in response I've been thinking about some of the larger plans we have.

The old iBook we use as a print server has become the kids' default computer.  Lately when I've been back there while they're using it, I've noticed that it's emitting a whine that seems to be lower and lower in pitch. I think it's that the DVD drive is slowing down, but there's no denying that the computer is probably on its last legs.

What I'd like to do is resurrect our old iMac G4 desktop.  Toward the end of its useful life, it was having serious operating system issues, but before we retired it I made sure to get a complete wipe and reinstall.  If I remember correctly, that's where I left it.  If we can get it working, I'll put it in Archer's room, where he already has a computer desk.  I spent some time today researching what version of the OS would be best to install.  Summer means that I can dig out all those old install CDs and get that all set up.

And once that computer is in place and we can clean out the massive computer desk in our room, we can  think about that corner of our room, which I would like very much to fill with yarn and craft supplies.  That means more research, searching for inspiration about storage and display.

Summer is the time to linger over projects, because you're not having to do a million things at once.  Suddenly chores become possibilities, and transformation seems doable.

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