Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bullet points

I've got bullet points on the brain, since it's the name of tonight's episode of Breaking Bad (my recap post will go up at 10 pm Central).  But I've also had a bunch of random stuff on my mind today.  Here's some of it.

  • My unsweet tea regimen on weekdays and diet soda indulgence on weekends have left me little room to try other summer drinks.  But in need of refreshment on the road last week, I tried a frozen strawberry lemonade at McDonald's.  Mmmmmm ... surprisingly tart, cool and utterly delicious.  I had another one today.  Nothing cuts through the heat of this brutal summer better.
  • Over the years living with a man who keeps shaving cream on the vanity, I've noticed that the cans always get rusty around the exposed metal rings at top and bottom.  Which makes me wonder -- why are they typically made out of metal?  Is there something about the foam or gel contents, or about the aerosol propellant, that precludes a plastic container?
  • It was the first-ever back-to-school sales tax holiday in Arkansas this weekend.  We took advantage both yesterday and today, getting just about everything on the kids' supply lists and some work clothes for me.  The crowds were certainly out, but we shopped early on Saturday and late on Sunday, and seem to have avoided the worst of the crush.
  • I thought this piece by the great Robert Lipsyte about the punishing ascendency of jock culture in this country got to the heart of the matter a bit more than the usual handwringing.  Short and thought-provoking.

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