Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spare tire

The month of August was not my best month for working out.  Vacation and very busy work weeks took their toll on my gym routine.  I got in a grand total of four runs, and two of them were 20-minute sessions on the treadmill at the hotel fitness center this weekend.  This week I also did a run-and-walk that was disappointing because my stamina seemed lacking, and I did a workout on the elliptical one day last week when I didn't have earphones for my iPod.

My lack of activity is showing.  I feel like my middle is expanding, something that seems to occur when I don't have enough running to just shake and jiggle it all away.  I'm going to need the discipline to get in as many workouts as I can while I have the chance, before Noel leaves for Toronto after Labor Day.  Unfortunately, my schedule doesn't get any easier to deal with; working around Noel's and my travel will be very difficult, since the flexibility of my pre- and post-work hours disappears.  If I become more airship-like in the next month, though, I have only myself to blame.  

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