Friday, August 5, 2011



I have a confession to make.  I'm madly in love with my daughter.


Oh, I love my son, too.  Sometimes in a way that overflows my heart and makes me get teary-eyed.  But the degree to which I've fallen head over heels with this little girl is just embarrassing. I can't be in her presence without mooning like a teenager.


She's so gorgeous.  And if you've ever met her, you know her beauty is only matched by her sweetness and intelligence.


I've been mourning her growing up, leaving childhood behind.  I loved her round baby face and plump short-stuffness so much.


But even though she's shot up in height, even though she's getting more mature by leaps and bounds, she moves from loveliness to loveliness.


What melts my heart and makes me grab her and squeeze her until she begs for mercy is her exuberance. And at almost-seven, that shows no signs of abating.


I always tell her how beautiful she is -- and that her beauty comes from inside. It's going to take a personality transplant to get me over this massive crush. Until then, I'm afraid I will remain besotted and silly, trailing little hearts every time I'm around her.

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