Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No, thank YOU

It was a beautiful day today.  After a week of triple-digit temperatures and what seems like months of triple-digit heat index readings, it rained last night for hours on end.  We woke up in the morning to cool air and green everywhere.  It felt like the long summer of doom and conflict was finally over.

And then today featured the bittersweet appearance of my final writeup of NewsRadio for The A.V. Club. I received so many wonderful expressions of thanks for the series, and was able to thank many of the commenters who have shown up week after week and summer after summer for their companionship and contributions.  It was a lovefest.

Today, in other words, was the perfect remedy for plunging stock markets and general worldwide worrisomeness.  Everyone was generous and kind; the world was full of light and life.  I came home to a delicious home-cooked meal and hugs from my intelligent, happy children.  Tomorrow's troubles can wait until tomorrow.  Today was a beautiful day.

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