Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ahhhhhh ....

I'm in Atlanta for the next three days to attend the spring meeting of the AAR Board of Directors. Driving to the airport was an adventure -- such torrential rain and wind at one point that I had to pull off the interstate and shelter under an overpass. There was a tornado in the storm, but it was off to the southeast and I didn't see it. Luckily I was on Delta airlines, so my flight wasn't canceled, and even though the car service that was supposed to meet me at the airport didn't show, I enjoyed the taxi ride through the beautiful North Druid Hills and Emory neighborhoods, decked out in spring colors.

Tomorrow starts two and a half days of 9 to 5 meetings, complete with working lunches and followed by group dinners. Tonight I'm relaxing in my hotel room, finishing up a documentary I'm blurbing for the Nashville Film Festival, watching television, knitting, and enjoying my freedom. It's an enticing foretaste of next week's Vegas vacation, during which I plan to do as much nothing as I possibly can. My ideal would be to post a series of very boring blog posts, e.g. "10 am ... breakfast in bed ... 11 am ... by the pool ... 3 pm ... penny slots ... 5 pm ... by the pool ..."

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