Monday, April 21, 2008

Las Vegas in pictures

When you don't get your bags, American Airlines gives you the inaptly named "Spa In The Sky."

I was not seduced away from my beloved dark chocolate M&Ms by all the fancy colors and flavors on display.

Yay! Clean clothes, only twelve hours late!

Things we wanted to do in Vegas, Part I: Fruity frozen drinks by the pool.

Things we wanted to do in Vegas, Part II: See Penn and Teller. (Pictured: Penn.)

Does the real Brooklyn Bridge have an ESPN Zone at one end?

Things we didn't know we wanted to do in Vegas: Eat under a large model of the Starship Enterprise.

How's it hangin', Green?

Vegas was awesome.


Eric B. said...

I haven't indulged my Trek geekiness in some time. The photos of Trek of the experience almost made me fold, but I think I can hold out until summer '09.

Paul C. said...

I'm sure your Penn experience was made somewhat more awkward in light of the latest My Year of Flops entry.

That said, looks like you had an awesome time. Wish I could afford more than one vacation a year. Guess I'll have to hold out for Toronto. I think I can live with that.

Eric Grubbs said...

Is it safe to assume there was a degree of anticipation with that smile in front of those M&M's?