Saturday, April 19, 2008

Doing dinner theater with Jon Davidson

After two jam-packed Vegas days, we took it a little easier today. Here's the rundown:
  • Spinach egg white omelet for breakfast at the Red White and Blue. Noel got sparkling water that came in a big tube.
  • Poker tourney, at which I played more aggressively, saw more flops, and lost more quickly (but less stressfully).
  • Trammed it up to the Strip and then walked through the MGM Grand to get to the monorail.
  • Yes, the Las Vegas monorail! We relaxed, listened to the smart-aleck recorded intercom announcements ("This southbound train's next stop is the Convention Center. If you've forgotten your convention badge, a northbound train will be leaving from the other platform in five minutes"), and went almost from one end of the line to the other, getting off at the Hilton.
  • Our inner geeks were delighted by the Trekkie paraphenalia surrounding Star Trek: The Experience, a museum and motion-control ride. We didn't do the Experience, but we did eat at the Star Trek themed Quark Cafe. It was tempting to order the big neon-blue sci-fi drinks, served in huge globes with dry-ice smoke coming off the top, but we stuck to Earth food.
  • Off to the sports book area, where we watched the Braves game and the NBA playoffs and listened to cigar-chomping bettors right out of central casting cursing a blue streak.
  • Because we had not spent enough time on this trip with the squarer denizens of Vegas, we went to the $250,000 Game Show Spectacular and spent an immensely entertaining 90 minutes with Jamie Farr guiding audience members through simulacra of popular TV game shows. Noel was very upset he didn't get picked for the "Name That Tune" segment; he coulda beat any two of the three rather clueless women playing, and we could have gone home $250 richer.
  • By the time we rode the monorail and the tram back to the hotel (with a stop-off at the M&M Store to pick up Ethel's chocolates and watch the free 3-D movie), we were famished and ready for some fruity drinks with Mexican food on the patio at the poolside Border Grill. Elsewhere in the convention complex, Van Halen was getting ready to play.
  • After a delicious dinner, retired to our room to relax for our last night in Vegas. We did everything here we wanted to do -- saw a great show, played some poker, ate some fantastic food, lounged by the pool with frozen concoctions, and soaked up the Strip atmosphere. By all reports our kids are happy and well at home, and we're looking forward to seeing them. I'll catch you back in Conway.

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Adam Villani said...

Oh, Good, you got Ethel's chocolates!