Friday, October 17, 2008

Breaking the norms

I woke up in my crazy little 3rd-class-on-the-Queen-Mary-style "economy room" after a refreshing full night's sleep and headed out to find breakfast and the university where the conference was taking place.

Breakfast report: No Danishes were on sale at the coffee shop where I bought a bagel.
Walk report: Here's what I saw.

My hotel is on the left just past the footbridge, right on the river that runs through town.

Everybody wears scarves in Denmark -- knit, pashmina, something. And naturally the modish shop windows are full of scarves. I had to capture this one for the Ravelry folks -- it's actually a tube. If somebody can figure out those cables, I'll whip up a version. (I've got a close-up, no worries.) Naturally I feel quite in fashion with my Clapotis tucked around my neck.

There's a large park in the middle of the University campus, and I kept trying to capture how it looked in the brilliant early morning sunlight. This was as close as I got.

Moon over University of Aarhus. All the buildings are built of yellow brick with simple, clean architectural lines, and few are over two stories. There are 20,000 students enrolled.

Next to the theater building was this steep grass-covered amphitheater. I'd love to see Aristophanes performed here.

Fall is in full swing here -- the scarf-clad Danes are enjoying mild weather of 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit -- and the colors are beautiful, as shown by this deciduous ivy covering one of the economics buildings.

And finally to the conference, in the buildings housing the theological faculty. My paper will be read in this lovely, radically raked auditorium tomorrow, though not with nearly as many people in attendance as were at this opening plenary with Kirsten Nielsen.

Time to turn my tiny bathroom into a shower by means of a rotating curtain. Perhaps I'll sleep on the pulldown bunk over my head, or in the murphy bed underneath. You'll be amazed a room smaller than half the double dorm rooms at my university can sleep a family of three!

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Victor said...

You ARE going to Zentropa Studios and not leaving until you get Lars's autograph (and one for yourself too), aren't you