Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

While walking with Noel after dinner last night, Archer said that he wanted to play Rapunzel, with him as Rapunzel and Noel as the prince. I assume the following rhyming game was inspired by some book he read at school during his fairy tale unit.

Archer: How will you get me?

Noel: I'll use a ladder.

Archer: (Makes sound of something falling off a tower and crashing) You gave me cake batter.

Noel: OK, I'll use a rope.

Archer: (Same sound) There goes the cantaloupe.

Noel: OK, let down your hair.

Archer: (Sound) That was just a bear.

Noel: I'll get some tree branches.

Archer: (Long pause, then the sound) That was a squirrel named Frances.

Noel: I'm using a pole.

Archer: (Sound) That was just a hole! (Pause) Hey Dad, a person from Poland is also called a pole.

Noel: That's right.

Archer: (Sound)

Noel: What was that?

Archer: That was a person from Poland.


Adam Villani said...

Hey, are you safe and sound? I saw there was a shooting at UCA.

Donna B. said...

Yes, we're all fine. The shooting seems to have been a drive-by situation. Nothing we would expect in our college town, but not as frightening as it might have been. Thanks for the message.

Maureen said...

That Archer cracks me up!

I'm glad to hear you're fine, as well. I don't normally hear UCA on the news, so it was awfully startling. I'm so sorry to hear about the deaths of the students. What a terrible tragedy.