Sunday, October 19, 2008


Around every corner in Aarhus, there is an inviting lane beckoning you on.

Shall we take this broad, tree-lined boulevard leading down from the university on the top of the hill to the city below ...

... or turn in at the Botanical Gardens when we see this peaceful scene?

There the grassy hills fairly beg you to lie on your back and watch the passing clouds.

No time to stop, though, when this path meanders downhill nearby.

The autumn color and the slight chill in the air only sharpen the senses.

Head down this steep, sandy trail toward the water, and the scent of spruce that unexpectedly wafts past will bring Christmas unbidden to mind.

Back in town, the broad banks of the river make an ideal spot to pause and people-watch.

Mansfield Park
is a fine literary accompaniment for such a moment of leisure.

Round off the day with some rich chocolate gelato.

You'll be glad you took the journey.

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