Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day agenda

Today I led a class discussion about democracy and virtual worlds.

I ate barbecue for lunch and discussed tenure.

I kept one ear open at a staff meeting while posting announcements for upcoming programs on the Honors online community front page.

I made suggestions to improve the personal statement of a former student who's applying for graduate school.

I answered questions from freshmen about sources and topics for the paper that they have due on Friday.

I invited a hundred of my closest Facebook friends to the Chuck Klosterman reading and signing two weeks from now.

I heard about Noel's successful Dennis Hopper interview today, and about a possible Malcolm Gladwell interview I might be doing on Friday.

I asked Archer about his good-as-gold sticker while taking him to speech therapy. (He said he got it for doing "really hard math problems" like 5 times pi.)

I took cookies to the local homeless shelter.

I ate hot dogs and watched a game show.

I took a walk with my family.

I marvelled at the golden leaves on our huge oak tree, which rebounded after the dry summers of years past.

I knit a scarf for charity.

I braced myself for change.

I took a deep breath on the cusp of history.

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