Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ready to go home

Another day of non-stop meetings, sessions, an appearance on a panel, then complete collapse. I know Noel is worn out taking care of the kids and doing his work; he probably would be skeptical of just how tired I was at 5:45 pm today.

I had a leisurely Thai dinner and a relaxing conversation with a colleague. And then I felt energetic enough to drop in on a reception or two before heading back up to the twenty-second floor.

Tomorrow I'll be home almost in time for dinner, and as nice as it is to eat meals in restaurants and impress people with the number of ribbons on your nametag, I'll be so glad to get back to Arkansas -- and stay there. We'll be spending the holidays in Conway, with nary an interstate or airport in sight. I can't wait to be a homebody.

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