Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

The Archies are rolling in! Check out Petunia Town Girl's photo-enhanced list of 40. Apparent lurker Ryan Wilkins checks in from the left coast with 50 items. Won't you join them?

We didn't go to a party last night, continuing a tradition for the last several years. I don't want to do anything on New Year's Eve than sit at home, have a glass of champagne, watch television, and go to bed as soon as the ball drops in our time zone.

Two observations:
  1. For the second year in a row, we watched the ESPN crazy-motorcycle-stunt special, and I must say that last night I thought I was going to see stuntman suicide on live TV.
  2. I love and respect Dick Clark as much as any godfearing American, but maybe it's time to stop trotting him out in Times Square, guys.

1 comment:

the secret knitter said...

You know you can't link "stuntman suicide on live TV" and have anyone resist outside of morbid curiosity. Yes, I clicked. And that was insane.

Agreed on Dick Clark. His enthusiasm for the event and lack of vanity regarding how he now plays on TV are admirable, but something about it doesn't seem right.