Friday, January 2, 2009

The hardest part

There's nothing that brightens my day more than the anticipation of a big package in the mail -- or more than one. And there's nothing that makes me question my own self-worth more than those packages not arriving.

I've got a bunch of packages in the mail to me from end-of-the-year yarn sales and the like. The orders were placed in the days in and around Christmas. Every day I remember at some point that they are coming, and a smile crosses my face. My steps get a little bouncier. There could be a little present to myself in the mail today!

Then the mail truck comes and goes without leaving anything at the door. The UPS guy delivers his usual armload of DVDs to Noel, but nothing for me. And I wonder: Do I merit the packages? Have I angered the shipping gods? What do I need to get right in my soul to open up the doors and allow the boxes to bless me?

I ordered a set of 100 Moo mini-cards with images from my Flickr set back on December 19. A dispatch notice arrived in my e-mail box on December 22. Now, I know that these cards have to come from the UK by airmail. And there have been a couple of postal holidays in between now and then, which is some consolation. But with every day that exceeds the 5-7 business day estimate, I become more concerned. Not about Moo or the international mails. About whether I deserve to be happy.

If any of these packages could hurry up and arrive, I'd be spared a whole lot of pointless examination. Do you hear me, Hubert of Liege, patron saint of mail?

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the secret knitter said...

Me too. Somehow even the things I buy for myself are a little more exciting as a delivered package than if I got them at a store.