Monday, January 5, 2009

Lessons hard won

Another Archies list has rolled into Archie Headquarters, this one a whopping 53 items, many related to dog sledding and Germany. Unfortunately, you can't see it, because Doc Thelma's House is eyes-only exclusive.* But I encourage you to head over to the good Doctor's (public) cooking blog and bug her to let you in. Really, the mushing content alone is worth the trip.

Because yesterday was a big two-blog extravaganza, I'm letting myself off lightly today. But I do want to share something I learned this afternoon.

Don't try to take your kids on a Monday to any business set up to provide kid-play. No, let me stop you before you ask -- it doesn't matter if the local schools are not in session on the Monday in question. All kid-play businesses have colluded to take their weekly Sabbath on Monday, every Monday, rain or shine, holiday or ordinary time.

If your kids need to play on a cold, rainy Monday when there is no school, might I suggest turning your local Target into the setting for a vast scavenger hunt? Because that's what salvaged my unsuccessful attempt to get the kids out of the house today. If the employees of the store complain, refer them to the managers of Playworld, Jump Zone, and the roller rink.

*Or at least it used to be ... unless my cache is lying to me, this has changed without notice. I feel a bit less special.

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Anonymous said...

I am the store manager of Jump Zone in Conway and would like to inform all parents that during the summer we are open Monday through Friday. We also open our doors on Mondays when Conway schools are out. We post the hours on the front door and update the voice mail. Hope this helps.