Friday, January 23, 2009

Who's this Al, again?

Here, reproduced precisely (including one teacher correction in brackets) from that wonderful elementary-school tablet paper with the dotted lines in the middle to mark where your lower-case letters should reach, are the sentences Archer wrote with his spelling words for the week. I like how the reverse side of the paper, comprising the second set of sentences, makes a little open-ended Tom Sawyerish story.

(Side 1)

1. We rang the bells because we liked their sound.
2. There are 7 days in a week.
3. We ride our bikes on a be[a]utiful day.
4. There are 3 kinds of names.
5. My dad always does the dishes. (True. -- Ed.)

(Side 2)
Archer's Work on English Language Arts

6. We make our clubhouse with boxes.
7. We need more nails.
8. Paint with these brushes.
9. Here comes Al with glasses of juice.
10. My friends show him the house.

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