Thursday, January 15, 2009

Non-film-fest report, Day 1

  • Archer tally: 1 good as gold (for a good spelling-word sentence).
  • Cady Gray schoolwork: A picture of me. On one side, I'm sad. On the other, I'm happy. (Concerned that CG thought I was sad a lot, I asked her when I get sad. "When I don't give you hugs and kisses," she told me.)
  • Game with Granny Lou and Papa: Sorry. Outcome: Cady Gray won the gold medal, Archer won the silver medal.
  • Dinner: New China, which luckily Granny Lou and Papa like as much as the kids.
  • Song from Archer's "School Days" musical: "The Concert Etiquette Rap," with its catchy chorus that had Cady Gray and I singing along in the car -- "The concert etiquette rap!/The concert etiquette rap!/A code of behavior/And courtesy/Socially proper/For you and me."
  • Current status: Kids asleep, Dad doing crossword puzzle, Man v. Food in the background. All is well on this cold Arkansas night -- or will be as soon as Noel checks in from Park City.

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