Wednesday, June 10, 2009


For the second Wrapped Up In Books monthly feature, the topic is Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian. Full disclosure: It's the first of McCarthy's books I've ever read.

In a way the novel is right up my alley: austere, quasi-Biblical, almost fantastical. But the relentless horror and opaque narrative point of view did not make for pleasant reading. It's a book I ended up admiring much more than enjoying. I couldn't deny the power in it. But a book with a similar theme, but with a stronger narrative and some peek into internal life to the characters, would have grabbed me and not let go.

If you want to read my take on the book, in conversation with the other staffers who've already posted, it's on the site as of late this afternoon. I hope you'll stop by at 5 pm Eastern (4 Central) for the live chat where we'll hash it all out.


Joy said...

Hi Donna! You won my Handknit Heroes giveaway. :) Congratulations! Please shoot me an email at joyuna at gmail dot com with your address. ^^ Thanks for entering!

Adam Villani said...

"Is there any worse game to be behind in?"

Monopoly. Once it's clear that one person is ahead, it's just a long, long spiral down the drain.