Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vacation success defined

  1. The lifeguards at the water park didn't blow their whistles at any of us.
  2. Cady Gray's first roller coaster ride -- and she whooped in glee all the way through then wanted to get right back on. Just like her mother.
  3. Kids slept on sofabed without fighting and allowed their parents to sleep until designated wake-up time.
  4. Frequent swimming occasioned not only much delight but actual swimming/floating progress.
  5. Barbecue for lunch.
  6. Ice cream for desert.
  7. No one threw up.
  8. Many paper airplanes made and tested at the Mid America Science Museum.
  9. More than eight people got on the elevator at the Hot Springs Mountain Observatory, yet we did not plummet to our deaths. (Four of them were children, luckily.)
  10. GPS intoned "Arriving at home" about two hours ago.

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