Thursday, June 4, 2009


The kids got a closeup-identification quiz game with their Quizno's meals tonight. As we walked around the neighborhood on a beautiful breezy evening, we got to experience ...

If Cady Gray Were A Game Show Host

CG: Okay, Mom, tell me the clues. You can earn four points, three points, two points, or one point.

Me: I think you have to tell me the clues, and I guess the answer.

CG: Okay. Here are the four clues. It's a form of transportation, human powered, it has spokes, and it can have training wheels.

Archer: Bike!

CG: Well, I'm sorry but you were supposed to say bicycle. Okay, here's the next question, and I will give you the first hint. It can purr but it can't roar.

Me: Cat?

CG: No, that's not it.

Me: Can I have another clue?

CG: The answer you should have said was cheetah. Cheetah. Okay, I'm going to give the cards to Archer so he can check them. Is the answer cheetah, Archer?

Archer: Uh-huh.

CG: Okay, here is the next clue for the game. You find it on a beach, and it's a multicolored ball.

Dad: Beach ball!

CG: Oh, that is correct! Beach ball is the right answer! Okay, who got that one?

Dad: I did.

CG: And who got the last one?

Me: No one did because you gave us the answer too quickly.

CG: All right, I'll give that one to you because I gave you the answer too quickly. Just hold this card. Okay, we're going on to the next clue. Here is the first hint: It is made out of pigskin.

Me: Football.

CG: You can punt, pass, or kick it.

Me: Football.

CG: You tackle the person carrying it.

Me: Football.

CG: Well, Mom, it surely is the right answer! Archer, how much money does she get for that?

Archer: A thousand dollars.

CG: Okay, here is your next question. I'll give you a hint, and you try to guess. It's a toy that walks down stairs.

Dad: (whispers to me) Slinky.

Me: Can I have another clue?

CG: It can be made of metal or plastic, and I have one in my room in a box.

Archer: Is it an igloo?

Me: Slinky!

CG: Correct! All right, it's time for the next question. It's a popular flavor for desserts, and it has a shell that is hard to crack.

Archer: Egg!

Dad: Let me see the picture. Is it coconut?

CG: Oh, that is the right answer! Okay, I'll take all the cards now.

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