Saturday, August 22, 2009

Five eight

This morning, our newly eight-year-old son and our almost five-year-old daughter shared a birthday party at the park. Then this afternoon, they opened presents from the family. Herewith, a photoessay.

The kids, um, had a lot of energy.

Thanks to timely and generous artwork provided by the incomparable Lydia (who was paid in birthday cake), the boys pinned mustaches on Mario ...

... and the girls pinned crowns on Princess Peach. (Yeah, I know it's a gender stereotype. A liberated dad at the party told me it was okay.)

Pizza and juice boxes for all!

Take a look at this awesome Mario-themed cake provided by our local bakery, Ed's!

Cady Gray is quite overcome by the singing of "Happy Birthday" to her.

Archer just wants cake.

What's this weird glop of decompasing food on the playground?

Maybe everybody should take a look at it.

Back at home, electronic games were found under layers of wrapping paper.

Granny Lou and Papa sent real Capezio ballet shoes!

Mom knit hats based on beloved trademarked characters.

After all the excitement, a quiet afternoon building with our new magnetic shape blocks is exactly what we needed.

Level ups for everyone!


W.E.B. Adamant said...

Aw, fantastic! I'm glad they had a wonderful birthday!

Stephanie said...

Your kids are so sweet and adorable!