Saturday, August 8, 2009

A grand day out

Our fair city of Conway isn't really a tourist destination. It's a nice place to live and we enjoy its hometown charm. But I'm not sure what you do with people after you've taken them to Toad Suck Park and antiquing downtown and touring the college campuses.

So thank goodness our repeat guest this weekend is an easygoing sort. I've been hauling him around to look for crafting supplies and help Cady Gray shop for her brother's birthday and the like, when he's not being challenged by Archer to games of Mario Kart. It's probably not the kind of excitement anybody's looking for on vacation, but it's just about the best we can do on a hot August weekend when the kids need diversion, too.

But tonight I broke away and took him to Little Rock for an Arkansas Travelers ballgame. Because of the scarcity of day games on the schedule, we don't get to Dickey-Stephens park as much as I'd like. Most games start pretty close to the kids' bedtimes. So it was a real treat to see a few innings under the lights.

And I followed Charles Schulz's advice: A hot dog just tastes better with a ballgame around it. I know it's heresy, but I like my dogs with mayonnaise and ketchup, if I can't get 'em with cole slaw. We sat behind home plate and hoped that the season ticket holders whose seats they were wouldn't show up (and they didn't). The talk of academia and politics was occasionally interrupted by a dizzy bat race or budding no-hitter.

It was a lovely ending to a low-key visit by our friend Mark from Ohio. He's been unerringly gracious in letting us pursue our normal weekend program of keeping the kids entertained and getting a little work done, so it was nice to reward him with some Travelers baseball and adult conversation.

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Mark said...

With such wonderful company, it didn't ultimately matter what we did. I had a terrific time. Thanks to you, Noel, and the kids for your generosity and making me feel at home.