Sunday, August 9, 2009

No time to write

Noel and I are going out to dinner and a double feature tonight. That would have been nothing to our twenty-years-ago selves, but for oldsters like we are now, it's a marathon that requires use to psych ourselves up and carbo-load for days. Add to that the rather intense Super Mario Galaxy session that Archer roped me into this afternoon, and I'm not sure I'm capable of rational writing.

So I'll just leave you with the hope that you're having as relaxing as evening as I am. Enjoy!

Edited to add: OK, we didn't make it through two movies. We are so old. And Julie & Julia was somewhat ... awkward in structure and halting in execution. Yet my love for Meryl Streep knows no bounds. I need to revise my answer to this AVQ&A, Tasha, please.

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