Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Personal messages

Today is Archer's eighth birthday -- and the first day of school for both him and Cady Gray, whose birthday is next Tuesday. Last week I took them separately to buy birthday presents for each other, and it wasn't hard to steer them to an aisle where they could not only locate something perfectly suited for their sibling, but also something that might be useful for, oh, the first day of school, let's say.

Yesterday I collared each of them in turn to sign the birthday cards they picked out. Their approaches to the task were as perfectly matched as the gifts they selected.

Cady Gray's effort to communicate the rationale behind her choice of card:

... and Archer's provision of an opportunity to quantify the experience (note that Cady Gray happily played along):

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Erin said...

So frakkin cute. They're getting so big!