Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saint Nick says giddy-up

Today's post about Christmas in the classroom is at Toxophily.

A week ago tomorrow, I popped a ligament in my ankle while running at Archer's school and ended up with a mild sprain. After a couple of days, I was out of pain unless I tried to twist it oddly. But I've also tried to rest it by taking a break from my exercise routine, including my usual Wii Fit and jogging. Now that a week is past, I'm going back to the track. My ankle is still slightly swollen and sore around the bone, with a long bruise near the sole of my foot. I won't be in the group jogging around the grounds; we'll have to stick to the slowest group on the paved track, walking and running alternately. But it's time to stop resting and start slowly making my way back toward a regimen.

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