Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Four panels, no waiting

James Callan, movie critic and trivia master, tweeted about this list from School Library Journal of this year's best comics for kids.

Cady Gray has taken to comics in a big way. Noel stocks her bookshelves with phone-book-sized compilations of kid-friendly strips like Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbes, Little Lulu, Casper and all his friends. We pick up Archie digests for her every time we go to our local bookstore. And when we go into her room and see her lying on the floor with one, or reading one in bed, we get the warm fuzzies. If there's anything more nostalgic than remembering your own childhood love of comics, it's realizing that you can nurture the same passion in a new generation.

Both our kids have developed a deep appreciation for silliness and topsy-turvydom. It's natural in a certain age, I understand, but Archer seems to have acquired it simultaneously with Cady Gray -- or maybe he got it from Cady Gray. She frequently emerges from her room with a comic strip she wants to show us. "It's so funny!" she'll enthuse, then quote the speech balloons. "Get it?" she'll exclaim with delight, repeating the phrases over and over.

The best moment was when I found her in bed happily turning the pages of one of the Moomin anthologies. It's precisely the kind of anarchic craziness combined with determined good manners and decorum that I find irresistible. Do a favor for the kid in your life -- or the kid in your heart -- and pick them up. And if you have any comics recommendations for Cady Gray, share them in the comments.


scarequotes said...

Like Cady Gray, Simone is a fan of Little Lulu. She's also fond of the Harvey collections, especially the Harvey Girls (Littles Dot, Lotta, and Audrey) and Hot Stuff.

Contemporary favorites: Owly, and (especially) Johnny Boo.

StephanieV said...

But Archie married Veronica! What does CG think of that?