Thursday, December 24, 2009

A history of receiving

These are the best gifts I've ever received, in no particular order.
  • Intellectual curiosity and a belief in myself, courtesy of my dad.
  • My children -- thanks to Noel.
  • The love of a good man.
  • An appreciation of well-designed computers and software, from my older brother.
  • Knowledge about and enjoyment of sports, thanks to the men in my family.
  • Space to be myself, courtesy of my mom.
  • A passion for music and the training to take part, also thanks to mom.
  • The lending library system.
  • A Whiteheadian perspective on Christianity, from Dr. Will Power.
  • Fearless knitting, thanks to Ravelry and Ravelers everywhere.
  • Good health, good teeth, and a good appetite, courtesy of my entire genetic heritage.
Thanks to everyone who's given me so much over the years. May you all be as blessed.

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