Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We had parent-teacher conferences this afternoon, and were thrilled to hear that Archer has made major strides forward in reading and writing since our last meeting in the fall. One of items we got to bring home was a writing prompt for which he received a perfect score.

The assignment (for informational/sequential writing) was to write about one of your favorite foods and explain how to make it. Here's Archer's response:
Don't know how to make a pepperoni pizza? It's easy! You'll need pepperoni slices, tomato sauce, cheese that has been grated, and the most important thing: pizza dough!
First, you get the ingredients, and flip the dough at least 3 times. The dough will be clean and tan after you flip it.
Then you add the tomato sauce. But be careful not to make it overflow. Be sure to leave space on the edges.
Next, sprinkle the cheese on the pizza. Don't make the cheese overflow. Tip: Cover the whole tomato sauce.
4th, place the pepperoni on the pizza. Don't cram most of it in one spot. Place it leaving equal space between them. Tip: Place about 16 pepperonis on the pizza.
5th, carefully place the pizza in the oven and cook it for about 15 to 30 minutes at a temperature of 350 degrees F.
6th, using oven mitts, take out the pizza because the pizza will be about 162 degrees F. Now let the pizza cool for about 15 minutes.
Finally, cut the pizza into 8 slices. Tip: Average about 2 pepperonis per slice. Now eat it and enjoy it!


StephanieV said...

Wow, Donna. That is some amazing writing. No wonder he got a perfect score; too bad there's not a beyond perfect score.

Ali said...

That's awesome! I love the exact finished pizza temperature. You should get a meat thermometer just so he can start knowing the temps of various fooods.