Sunday, March 7, 2010

Make time for yarn every day

You may remember that Cady Gray received yarn, needles, and a learn-to-knit book for Christmas. And that three weeks ago, she completed her first project.

What you may not know is that she immediately started another project. This one was likewise in garter stitch -- but all purl this time. And the chart was 40 rows long instead of 25. And she had to make two of them.

Fifteen minutes ago, she finished. And she just learned to pass a stitch over another, which means she did the bind-off herself.

Here she is demonstrating her purling technique. If you are trying to learn, I think you could do worse than to study this closely.


Doc Thelma said...

Very cute. You two must visit Charlottesville sometime and teach me.

doafy said...

That's fantastic! She's going to develop quite the callous on her right index finger.

Cotton Yarn said...

Its very nice post of Make time for yarn every day. thanks for sharing it.

Donna B. said...

Re: That callous ... it's a slightly better technique than on her previous project, where she dug the point of the left needle into her thigh to slide the stitch down and off.