Monday, March 15, 2010

What if (numerical edition)

Every once in awhile, Archer brings home a piece of writing that reminds us, rather forcefully, how differently his mind works from his classmates'. (For more information and a great metaphor to conceptualize this difference, see this post and following from the Mom-NOS blog.)

Here's Archer's answer to the St. Patrick's Day-related question: What would you do if you found a pot of gold?

If I had a post of gold I found on the end of a rainbow ... I'd do stuff with the gold. Here is what I'd do with 58.5 lb. of gold.

I'd share some of it. I'd share 49 gold coins. 7 to each of my friends.
Each gold coin is worth $25,000. I started out with 1,905 gold coins. That's $47,625,000. I shared $1,225,000 worth of coins, and had $46,400,000 left. I gave $175,000 worth of coins to each friend.
Then, I spent 1 coin ($25,000) on a car worth $24,392. I received $608 in change. Then I spent 11 coins ($275,000) on a house. I now have $46,100,608 left.
I spent 1,000 coins ($25,000,000) in Cash for Gold. I earned 25 $1,000,000 bils back. I spent the bills and earned back the 1,000 coins. I spent $608 at the lottery and earned 700 coins ($17,500,000)! Now I have 2,455 coins ($63,600,000). I now bought Times Square and spent 180 coins ($4,000,000). I have $59,600,000 left. I'm saving that. A decade later ...
... My $59,600,000 grew to $100,000,000! Here is my bank: [drawing of bank building]
The End

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