Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring colors

It's fair to say that I like having Easter eggs dyed more than I like dyeing Easter eggs. I always seem to make bad choices that lead to more headaches supervising the kids than I would like. For example, today I made sure I had clear plastic cups to put the dye in, thinking that would be better than using mugs or juice glasses we'd have to clean up. But the cups were the taller variety with narrower bases, meaning I was constantly feeling like the kids were about to tip them over when they tried to get eggs in or out of them.

In an effort to squeeze some enjoyment out of an activity that turned out to be more aggravation than I had hoped, I took some photos. You can tell I like my eggs saturated and bright, not pale and pastel. But I like them best when they're deviled ... and I'll have to wait a week for that. No wonder I'm grumpy.






And the prettiest of all ...


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