Saturday, July 17, 2010

Branching out

Cady Gray and I got to spend the morning together, after a week of seeing very little of each other. I had a brunch date with The Sensible Seamstress, passing through town on her way home, and she was generously enthusiastic about Cady Gray joining us.

So I took my daughter to the coffeeshop for a morning of knitting and conversation. Her project is entering its latter half -- a new navy stripe joining the two stripes already done. We talked about technique, design principles, color theory, and fiction while we sipped our fancy drinks and wielded our needles.

Before long it was time to go to Stoby's to meet our out-of-town guest. A more pleasant breakfast in a cozier corner booth could not be imagined. We talked about our personal histories, mutual acquaintances, the writing life, plans for the future, and the friend whose life she had come to the area to honor. Cady Gray was thrilled to be included in the grown-up socializing.

All mothers think their daughters are the most beautiful and charming creatures on earth. And yet, I still think mine is extra special. I want to squeeze all the pleasure out of every moment I get to spend in her company at this remarkable stage of life, when she is discovering the power of her mind and heart when turned full blast on the people and objects that surround her. It's like witnessing the origin of a superhero. And my only desire is to be there as it happens.

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The Sensible Seamstress said...

And I was privileged to be able to join in this witnessing, as well! Daughters are very special, and yours is remarkable. She is very giving, and a very talented knitter, too! And luckily, the stars aligned to give her a strong mother to help her learn how to make her way in this world.

I'm glad the three of us got to have that moment together.