Thursday, July 22, 2010

New element discovered!

Archer has been enjoying his SLUFY "World of Matter" class. They've talked about elements, atoms, and the periodic table. Earlier this week, each student created a new element; Archer's was called Slufium, an element he told me was used to make periodic tables and sunscreen. Here's the description he wrote in his press release:

Atomic number: 10
Symbol: Sf
Atomic weight: 18.6608909986333...

Boiling point (Celsius): -359
Melting point (Celsius): -459
State of matter at room temperature: Solid

Chemical and physical properties: Slufium is very cold, boiling point colder than Antarctica. Metallic, used for periodic tables, colder than 0 Kelvin.

What are the potential uses for your element? It is use-ful for sunscreen, SPF 5000, makes you especially protected from the sun.

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