Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Home alone

Because of the kids' summer camp in Little Rock, I have had no reason to get home as early as I usually do. There's no chance for quality time with the kids or husband, and there's no dinner waiting on the table.

So for a few hours in the late afternoon, I'm a singleton again. Nobody's expecting me anywhere.

I've stayed somewhat later than usual at work for the last two days. And when I got to the gym an hour after my normal time, some staff folks convinced me to go to a Zumba exercise class with them. Ordinarily that would not work for me, since the class lasts until 5:45 -- past our family dinnertime. But with no family dinnertime for the next couple of weeks, why not? It was a nice break in my routine yesterday -- so nice that I went back today on my own.

When I get home, I revert to my college and grad school days. There's no point in making elaborate food. I slice some bread, make a sandwich, or drizzle honey and butter on it; I chop up an apple, I peel a banana. It's bachelorette food. And there's something satisfyingly spontaneous about it, even though I'm aware that it would get old really fast.

I like the meals Noel makes for us. I like spending an hour with my children before we eat together. But I don't mind something different -- for a couple of weeks, at least.

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