Monday, July 19, 2010


The second half of July has set in, and that means the end of summer is rushing upon us. Only four more weeks of my much-beloved summer schedule, with its dedicated time for research and course construction. I'd like very much to continue setting aside a few hours a week for research, but my administrative duties make that difficult -- meetings are called at all hours, and the pressure to be available whenever someone might request you is strong.

Summer's waning days also mean it's time to plan the kids' shared birthday party. My dream? A party in an arcade with several pinball machines, allowing Archer to indulge his love of the clanging tables, clacking bumpers, plunging silver ball, and sharp crack signaling a few game. If anyone knows of a place like that within a reasonable drive, let me know. Otherwise we'll be going to the local giant-maze emporium and party center, which is greatly adored by our children for its arcade games, but isn't the pinball heaven of my ideal.

And I've been scanning the schedule of the local minor-league baseball team to see when we can squeeze in a couple more games. We may not make it to any roller coasters or water slides this summer, but I'm willing to bet that the kids will be just as thrilled and have as many good memories of ballpark hotdogs and keeping score.

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