Saturday, November 6, 2010

My lost friend

Noel and I were amused to discover, when we went to Cady Gray's parent-teacher conference, that she'd been writing about some of her more emotional experiences at home.  Here's an example.  One day she came home with a cheap little pink stuffed bunny from a claw machine.  The tag said "Rose," and Cady Gray decided Rose was her favorite toy.  A couple of days later, she misplaced Rose -- maybe in her brother's room, maybe out and about somewhere.  We hunted for the toy, but couldn't locate it.  For the next week or so, every time Cady Gray asked about Rose, her eyes filled up with tears.  I kept hoping we'd run across the bunny behind some furniture or under a bed, but so far, nothing.

And here's Cady Gray's view of the situation, copiously illustrated.  It perfectly captures that brave face she put on every time she thought of Rose.


My lost frend 
By Cady Gray Murray


My favorite stuffed animal named Rose is lost.  She has been lost a long time and she still hasn't shown up yet.  I am getting worried about her.


We do not look for Rose.  We try to find her while we're doing something else.


We have still not found her even when the cleaner came.  I sure do hope we find her soon!

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Doc Thelma said...

Noah's favorite toy, a stuffed dog named "Mugsy" got lost for several months when he was 4 or so... finally turned up in a doll bed in the church nursery.

Noah made a video about Mugsy for an assignment in 4th grade. I hope Rose turns up.