Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reaching out

The students in my Craft Wisely class have been busy ... but that hasn't stopped them from blogging and podcasting.  Check out what they're writing about.  Pick a link, click in, read, and leave a comment.  Your brief message will reinforce the nature of blogging for them.  They're writing for a vast unknown audience, and when you pop up and identify yourself, they can't help but be reminded of that.
  • Kate writes about knitting beards -- and an unlikely congruence with a running joke in her family.
  • Natasha reminds us that the creativity of designers is all around us, and is intimately connected with the creativity of makers.
  • Anna finds solidarity, community, and strong connections in the example of Burning Man.
  • Adrea meditates on the unusual interest her knitting arouses among her family and friends.
  • Ariel reveals the man and the grieving that inspired a very special hat.
  • Eric comes out of the closet as a knitter (we always knew!) and looks back to describe the shape of the closet.
  • Kirsten shows us some beautiful examples of illusion knitting.
  • Sara interviews a state senator about her knitting habits.
  • Shannon introduces us to the baby who will receive a very special blanket and labor of love.
  • Kat risks becoming a crazy cat lady and develops a passion for crocheted flowers.
  • Christabel shares the experiences that taught her why to give.
  • And the Craft Wisely podcast rolls on with conversations about our class texts, discussions, and projects.
Thanks in advance for visiting and commenting!

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