Friday, November 5, 2010

A real weekend

For the last twenty days or so, my weeks and weekends have blurred due to two extended conferences.  That's all well and good when the weekend is bleeding over into the week -- like when you get an extra hour of sleep on a weekday, or have a couple of hours free for leisure -- but you pay the cost of having the work week bleed into the weekend as well.  Weekend days at these conferences tend to be a whirlwind of scheduled activities and getting up far too early.  At my last conference, I had 7:30 am meetings on both Saturday and Sunday.

So it's a relief to get back to my routine, where weekdays are for work and weekends are for play.  The little indulgences I save for the weekends now are part of a pattern of enjoyment, not stolen moments consoling me during a packed schedule.  

I get to knit with my daughter, play Wii with my son, and take some time for myself.  There will be sports on the television, Arbor Day celebrations in the park, chat with Ravelry buddies, Sunday school, soda, chocolate, spending time with my husband, and sleeping in.  That's the way weekends ought to be.

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