Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cross country flight

I look forward to traveling for work mainly for the airport and airplane time.  With nothing to do but wait, there is time to read and think -- hours and hours of it.

On my trip to San Francisco tomorrow, there will not only be lots of time, but lots to do to fill it up.  A lengthy board book and dozens of supporting documents to read ... a thesis to read and comment on ... it may be a four-hour flight, but I'm anticipating that work will expand to close to that length.

On the way back, there will be two class days' worth of student work to read, possibly necessitating the purchase of in-flight internet.  And in between, I have fifteen hours of meetings to attend to discuss all that material I read on the way up.

Yet there still seems to be so much time.  Long layovers in Dallas-Fort Worth, an evening on my own here, an unscheduled afternoon there.  Spring break has given me a taste for those unbroken hours during which I can indulge my desire to overindulge on a book, a research project, a knitting odyssey.  There may not be many of those periods during the next four days, but if I can grab even a taste of summer's leisurely pace, I'm going to enjoy it.

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