Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stick with your buddy

Lately Archer has taken to controlling more than one player when he plays Wii Party.  He finds it hilarious to make the other players fail and build up his own score to ridiculous levels.  It can make for some fancy juggling when he has to control two or three remotes at once during a competitive minigame.

This afternoon he played "Buddy Quiz," one of Cady Gray's favorite games.  The idea is that two players compete to guess the answers another player will give to opinion questions like "Which is the best dessert?"  Archer was the Buddy, the person whose answers the others try to match.  He controlled Guest A and Guest B, who didn't score a single point, giving either wrong answers or none at all.

As he played, Archer narrated the action for Cady Gray in full storybook prose: "'We like brownies! We're the brownie twins!' said Guest A and Guest B.  But then Archer revealed his clever plan!  'I just love cheesecake," said Archer."  This pleased Cady Gray since she could follow all the moves in the game while still making progress on her game of Sword and Poker on the iPod Touch.

I was impressed with the character and detail Archer was investing into his narration.  Then he really won me over while giving his answer to "How long is the perfect vacation?" The choices were three weeks, two months, three months, and forever (Cady Gray's selection).  Here's what Archer had to say: "'I think three weeks is just about perfect, because I would want to get home to all my familiar stuff and things I like to do," said Archer."

Not just an answer, not just a reason, but a reason that is in perfect character for my boy who thrives on routine but does his best to enjoy the unusual.

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