Sunday, March 27, 2011

Moving day

I started blogging in 2003 largely because iBlog, a piece of blogging software for Mac OS X, was being offered for free.  I moved  to Blogger in 2007 largely because I could no longer update that software for free, and because its CSS complexities were beyond my ken.  Ever since then I've only kept paying for .Mac and its successor, MobileMe, because I didn't want more than three years of blogging (including my first several months of daily blogging) to disappear.

Today I started the process of moving all those posts to a new Tumblr space.  It's likely to be a long haul in fits and starts; I'm copying each post individually, and it's going to be a low item on the priority list.  (If there's a better way, someone let me know.  The reason I haven't done this before now is that I've been looking for a way to port it wholesale, or at least in big batches.)

Once the space is closed down, there will be some temporary linkrot in this blog, wherever I've linked back to the original Union, Trueheart, and Courtesy.  Gradually I hope to relink those posts to the new site.  Maybe some of you fancy programmer types know a way to accumulate a list of links to make that job easier.

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