Saturday, March 19, 2011

It begins

I have really looked forward to the beginning of spring break.  For me it means that my to-do list changes over from the things I have to do to the things I want to do.

So it was a thrill when Cady Gray piped up from the back seat during our drive back from lunch: "Mom, when can we go on our next knitters' retreat?"  Why, today, honey.  Is today okay with you?

Going to Starbucks to knit and crochet with my daughter.  Putting together a blanket for a baby that's on the way.  Getting back to my research.  Breaking out the sewing machine for another project -- building my skills for some of the other tings I'd like to make.   Those are the top items on my to-do list for spring break.

There are regular items on there, too.  I need to catch up on the student work I missed while I was jetting here and there in the last three weeks.  A week from today I'm leading a session at a conference on social networking; I need to firm up my notes and build a presentation to go with it.  A new staff member in the office needs to be set up on the office's Google calendar, which I administrate.  Nothing huge -- a morning's work here, half an afternoon's work there.  Add in time I'll spend supervising the kids out of the house so Noel can get his work done, and I'm sure the week will go by quickly enough.

Not so quickly, though, that I can't check off some things from my wish list as well as my want list.  It's what I've been anticipating throughout one of the most intense few weeks of my year, and I'm going to enjoy every second of it.

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