Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Here's Cady Gray's report on our big snow week back in February, written for a first grade assignment.
A windy, snowy, afternoon.
I was leaveing playworld.  When I went out in the snow on Monday, I played at Tavin's house with Archer.  We had a snowball fight and built a snowfort with Tavin's sisters.  In the night, the snow was sparkleing.  There was a new layer of snow.  The moonlight made the snow sparkle.  It was snowing when we threw snowballs.  It was fun in the snow and I hope it snows again.

I also asked her to write a note from her erstwhile pet minnow, whom we released in Stone Dam Creek last summer, to support my senior seminar students' project to protect the Jewel Moore Nature Reserve.  Here's her plea:
I'm Minny the mino and I stay in the Jewel Morre nature reserve.  This place is my home.  Don't take it away!  I'm happy here, and so are my friends!  If you take this place away, you'll be taking away our home.  Keep our home! -- Cady Gray Murray

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