Sunday, June 22, 2008

Curbside pickup

Today's post, featuring hot lace for your hands, is at Toxophily.

I picked up this awesome easel through Freecycle today. The kids immediately set to work tutoring each other (and me).

Archer created a pictorial crossword puzzle for Cady Gray. (Some of the clues had to be altered as he realized that the words weren't going to intersect correctly -- for example, that cap on 1 Down was originally a hat.) I especially liked his representations of the runes that the kids quested for on their recent vacation. Shown here, left to right: Lightning Rune and Freezing Power Rune!

Cady Gray gave me a spelling test. I'm trying to make it through "person."

Here's the story problem Archer wrote for me. The last line is: "Did this problem X 5 [multiply by 5] ?"

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